The What and How of Medicare Supplement Plans A, N and D

It is indeed, very obvious from the name itself, that Medicare Supplement Plans supplement or give added coverage to your general Mediclaim policy. It fills in the gap, where your general Mediclaim policy stops coverage. These are not standalone products.

Medicare supplement plans do not provide coverage to citizens under 65 years and having sclerosis, renal diseases or any disability. The original Mediclaim pays only upto 75% of your medical costs. This Medigap plan fills in the gaps of your original Mediclaim policy.

The costs which are not covered under Part A and Part B of original Mediclaim, like deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance are covered by these supplement plans. There are ten different plans for you.

Let us checkout Medicare Supplement Plan A at

This plan has the minimum benefits to offer and is the most basic plan. It covers 100% of the following:

  • Part A coinsurance payments hospital stay expenditure for a period of a year after the original Mediclaim is famished
  • Part B co-payments and coinsurance
  • The first 568 ml of blood that might be required for the medical treatment
  • Part A hospice care co-insurance and co-payments

Medicare Supplement Plan A policy holders need to pay certain costs from their pocket, like Part A and Part B deductibles, skilled nursing facility costs and, Part B excess charges and foreign travel emergency. This is the most basic plan which most citizens go for. Those who do not want to pay hefty premiums for Medicare supplement plans go for Plan A.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement

Medicare Plan N and D

These plans are quite similar to one another, barring a few exceptions. The only difference between these two plans is how Medicare Part B co-insurance costs are handled. 100% of Part B co-insurance costs are covered by Plan N, except $20 payments for office visits and $50 for emergency visits.

Plan D covers the entire cost of Medicare Part B. These plans are the same across 47 states. They are standardised plans. However, the premium rates may vary with the different private players in the market. These plans cover the following:

  • Part A coinsurance payments hospital stay expenditure for a period of a year after the original Mediclaim is exhausted
  • Part A hospice care co-payments and co-insurance
  • Part A deductibles
  • Qualified Nursing care costs
  • Travel medical emergency costs

These plans are extremely necessary for today’s fast paced life with high costs. Select the best possible option and lead a tension-free life.