Medicare SELECT: An Alternative to Medicare Supplement Plan


The Medicare Supplement Plans can provide the customers with the best coverage and cover the unmet expenses of the Original Medicare. However, it comes at a cost with average monthly premiums in the range of $150-$200. There is another alternative to the costly Medigap policies- Medicare SELECT. These are modified versions of the standard Medigap policies and charge much lower monthly premiums. The customers need to be clear that due to the lower premiums, there is a tradeoff. They get restricted coverage to hospitals and doctors under the Medicare SELECT plans. Some of the salient details about the Medicare SELECT plans are provided below:


Differentiating Features of Medicare SELECT

The Medicare SELECT plans are not as widely available as the general Medicare Supplement plans. The customers need to check the availability in their respective states. Another important differentiating factor of the SELECT plans from the standard Medigap policy is the access to healthcare service providers. Under the Medigap policy, there is no restrictions and the customers can choose their preferred doctors and hospitals for treatment as long as they accept Medicare. Under the SELECT plans, the customers need to visit the network healthcare service providers under the plan for availing the policy benefits. Since there is a restriction to visit only the network service providers, the customers should be clear if they are comfortable availing healthcare services with the network service providers or not. The SELECT plans are much cheaper than the standard Medigap policies and can be preferred by value-conscious customers.

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How Medicare SELECT Works

Like the standard Medicare Supplement plans, the SELECT plans fill the coverage gaps left by the Original Medicare. All the 10 Medigap plans are available as SELECT plans and the process of enrollment in them is the same as the Medigap enrolment. As the SELECT plans are based on the standard Medigap plans, they offer the same benefits. The only major restriction is the limited access to the healthcare service providers under SELECT plan where the customers can only avail the benefits if they visit a network service provider.

Is Medicare SELECT Recommended

The Medicare SELECT is a worthy alternative to the standard Medicare Supplement plans. It helps cut down the monthly premiums significantly. The customers if not satisfied with the SELECT plans, can disenroll from it within a year of signing up and can enroll in standard Medigap policies. The customers should verify if the SELECT plan works in their location and if they are fine with visiting the network hospitals, in which case they can purchase the plan.