Finance management consultants for senior adult and their business

Finance management consultants for senior adult and their business

For the elderly to access and enjoy the best care services need to have sufficient financial resources to do so, since in most cases the public sector helps They are insufficient and/or late. With this purpose, some of the groups in few renowned countries offer a range of products that allow seniors to make use of the one that represents their greatest savings throughout their life, which is none other than their home. Elderly people turn their home into a source of income, whether they want to maintain the use of their home and receive care at home, or if they want to move to a Residence for the Elderly.

The products that are available to the elderly are:

Reverse Mortgage: Special credit for people over 65 regulated in the First Additional Provision that allows the elderly person to receive a monthly rent based on their age and the value of the home without having to pay anything to the Financial Entity, since the generated debt can only be claimed by the Bank upon the death of the Elderly Person.

Classical Life Annuity: consists in the sale of the naked property of the house in exchange for the payment of monthly rent for life, but the elderly person reserving the usufruct of the house until his death. In this product the monthly rent is considerably higher than that which can be received in the Reverse Mortgage, the extraordinary spills and the continent insurance of the house are not paid.

Life annuity outside the home: For those people, who want to move to a residence, consists of the sale of the property, without reservation of the usufruct, in exchange for monthly rent for life. Consider a 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plan at for all of your healthcare needs.

Sale with Guaranteed Rental: through this product, the elderly person sells his home, obtaining the total amount of the sale price and automatically staying as a tenant of the home for the term they wish, even with a life effect. However, there are many points of the easement that have been specially created to manage the finance of adults who wants to continue earning even after retirement. These plans/schemes are always better than the normal business schemes of general adults. So one must consult this kind of groups for those seniors who wish to earn even after retirement and have some saving in their hands.