Seattle Mariners Safeco Field Tour

  1. Took a Pelican 1120 and the foam from the BB-8 toy to make a little travel case.



  3. Seattle Mariners Safeco Field Tour Event on 2016-01-15 00:00:00 at Safeco Field 1250 1st Avenue South Seattle, United States



  5. New York Yankees Stadium Tour Event on 2016-01-15 00:00:00 at Yankee Stadium One East 161st Street Bronx, United States




  7. New York Yankees Stadium Tour Event on 2016-01-16 00:00:00 at Yankee Stadium One East 161st Street Bronx, United States




  9. Seattle Mariners Safeco Field Tour Event on 2016-01-16 00:00:00 at Safeco Field 1250 1st Avenue South Seattle, United States






  12. Eli Young Band Event on 2016-01-15 20:00:00
    Somewhere in the midst of 10,000 towns, along a lonely highway between packing clubs in their native Texas years ago and more recently performing stadiums on one of country music's hottest tours, the Eli Young Band became more than a band. They became a brotherhood. Camaraderie and creativity fused into an intoxicating cocktail that has propelled the talented foursome to the vanguard of contemporary country music.With three No. 1 hits under their belt as well as a Grammy nomination and an Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year for their hit "Crazy Girl," the Eli Young Band approached their second Republic Nashville album, 10,000 Towns, with a sense of confidence and purpose. "We were genuinely excited about making this new record," says bassist Jon Jones. "People talk about the sophomore record being really tough to make and in a lot of ways this felt like our sophomore record even though it's technically our fifth record as a band.""We learned over the progression of those records our strong points in the studio, and we were confident," adds drummer Chris Thompson, "We knew what we wanted and how to get what we wanted." It's been a long, steady rise for Jones, Thompson, lead vocalist Mike Eli and guitarist James Young, but the same four musicians have been together from the start and are now reaping the rewards. They began performing together in 2000 while attending North Texas State University, and honed their skills on the Lone Star state's competitive music circuit by building a rabid fan base who appreciated their potent live shows and the edgy, passionate indie albums that preceded their major label ascension.With the 2011 release of their Republic Nashville debut, Life at Best, the Eli Young Band scored their first No. 1 hit with "Crazy Girl." The double platinum single became the # 1 most played country song of the year on Billboard's 2011 year end chart and earned them the ACM Award for Song of the Year. The band's next single, "Even If It Breaks Your Heart," became their second No. 1 and was certified platinum. It earned the band Grammy nods for Best Duo/Group Performance and for Best Country Song as well as Single of the Year and Song of the Year nominations from both the CMA and ACM.After years of paying dues and gaining experience, the Eli Young Band is at the top of their game. While they started playing in tiny clubs, they've graduated to packing out theatres and mid-size venues as a headliner. Their road dog reputation helped them to earn an opening slot playing stadiums on the Kenny Chesney tour. All those miles on the road and visits to 10,000 towns coalesce to make their new album the band's strongest effort yet. "At this point in our personal lives and in our career, we're all in really good places," Thompson says. "We're all happy in our personal lives, so it shows on this record; it's fun.""This record was a lot more upbeat than our previous records," agrees Young. "We really wanted to record songs that are going to be fun to play live and fun for our fans watching the show. We were thinking about our live show and how these songs are going to translate on the set list. That was a priority in our minds too when we chose songs for this record. We've also learned to really follow our gut when it comes to songs and song choices. We've always had a good sense of what songs are going to work on the record and which ones aren't."Their meticulous approach to writing and finding the very best songs for the new album paid off quickly as the lead single, "Drunk Last Night," became the band's third No. 1 hit. "We loved that song from the first 30 seconds of hearing it," Eli says of the Josh Osborne/Laura Veltz penned song. "With that title, you read it and you think it's going to be a certain type of song and then you hear the song and it's not what you thought it would be at all. The songwriters, Josh and Laura, did a really good job of messing with our brains. People were drawn to the idea that it's not the same ole same ole drinking song. That was intriguing. They did well, hitting you with two hooky choruses, that's a tricky thing to write. That's what drew me as a singer to the song."In recording 10,000 Towns, the Eli Young Band gathered songs from Music Row's top writers, including Craig Wiseman, David Lee Murphy, Jon Randall and Will Hoge, and the band also penned half the songs on the album themselves. "It gets challenging when you're touring so much to sit down and actually try to write, but we spent a lot of time in 2013 just trying to write however we could," says Young. "It was fun for us because the four of us all sat down and wrote for this record which was a great experience," says Eli. "All four of us are on 'Prayer For The Road,' 'Traces' and 'Revelations.' John and James were co-writers on 'Dust' while I was co-writer on 'Angel Like You.' 'What Does' was John, James and I and 'Last Broken Heart' was the same. We've never had a song on a record where all four of us were songwriters until this album."The second single, "Dust," was the #1 most added song on the chart the first week with a massive 62 stations on board. The song is a rock-tinged number about a girl leaving small town life behind and taking charge of her future. "I feel like I've read so much recently about the girls being seen as weak in country music in the way that they are portrayed," says Jones. "I really love this song because I call it 'a big girl power song.' All four of us are married to very strong women who allow us to go out and do what we do and we couldn't do it without them."On 10,000 Towns, the Eli Young Band delivers a diverse collection of songs that explores the complexities of relationships such as the bluesy cheating song "Revelations" and the heartbreaking "What Does," a poignant examination of a failed relationship. Yet there are several tunes that just revel in the simple pleasures that bring joy to the journey, among them "Just Add Moonlight" and "Let's Do Something Tonight." "A Prayer for the Road" is a tender tribute to the love of their families and the prayerful support that goes with them every mile.There have been many miles over the years for the Eli Young Band and that's why 10,000 Towns felt like the right title for their new effort. "There's a general theme between small town America where every town is different, but in some ways, they are the same," says Young. "We felt like the title encapsulated the best years of us driving all over the country playing music."Eli agrees. "We've traveled all over the country and to other countries, but at the end of the day we all party the same way no matter what the culture or the town," he says. "To us, '10,000 Towns' is a great way to sum up this record in that way as well as who we are. We love traveling around the country and seeing all that and being a band of road dogs."The Eli Young Band has worked hard to get to this point and is enjoying their current success the same way they earned it---TOGETHER. "We've surpassed the friend mark now and it's more like brothers. It's really kind of a blood bond between the four of us," Jones says. "We set out to do this as a career and made the commitment to each other a long time ago and here we are 14 years later. None of us can imagine doing anything else." at Hal & Mal's 200 Commerce Street Jackson, United States



  14. New York Yankees Stadium Tour Event on 2016-01-17 00:00:00 at Yankee Stadium One East 161st Street Bronx, United States



  16. Seattle Mariners Safeco Field Tour Event on 2016-01-17 00:00:00 at Safeco Field 1250 1st Avenue South Seattle, United States



Deals in Colorado for Direct TV

I just bought a house on a side of mountain, in Colorado, and it is really a pretty house, but I need to get TV hooked up for the house. I am afraid that I will not be able to get cable, even if I wanted to do so, because my house is in such a remote location. Therefore, my only option is to get direct tv in colorado and I want to find a deal soon, because I am already living in this new house. At the moment, I do not have any source of entertainment, other than watching television on my phone. That is not very fun, but it is something. Well, I can actually cast stuff from my phone, to my television set, but it is not like I have a lot of programming to choose from when I do so.

I can't wait to have hundreds of channels again. I have always liked having satellite, because of all of the channels. When I was in high school, my parents had satellite for a few years, before switching back. It was nice while it lasted, and I am not even really sure why they switched back. I know that there was an incident where my brother and I figured out the code for the television, and purchased a lot of pay per view programming behind their back. They definitely were not happy about that, but at the time, I did not really realize how much money I was costing them. I definitely felt bad about it afterwards. Hopefully, it is more difficult to do that on the box that I will get through my new satellite provider. However, my son is not really old enough to use a remot e yet, so it is not something that I have to worry about right now.

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TXU Energy Company Serving Allen, Texas

It was not really my ideal location to purchase a house, but my wife has always wanted to move back to Texas, which is where she grew up. I finally decided to let her have her wish, because at least this way, my kids will be able to grow up close to their grandparents. Anyway, after months of looking, we have purchased a house that we are both in love with, and now it is time to turn on the electricity. I am seeking info regarding txu energy in allen tx to see what their rates are like, and to see if I like what the company has to offer.

Obviously, I am going to have to make a decision, one way or another, concerning the electricity company that I make use of. And it is not the type of thing that I can really spend too much time considering. The power need to be turned on soon, so we can start the process of unpacking, and commence sleeping in the new house. I was told that I should look into TXU Energy first, when I am making a decision about my power provider, because they are supposed to have good prices.

I am not going to just trust what I was told blindly though, and I will need to confirm for myself, that they actually have good prices on their electricity. Although, it is true that I can't imagine an enormous variation in the prices that are offered by electricity companies in the area. It seems that there would probably be too much competition to allow that to happen, but I do not know that to be a fact. I am eager to reach a sound decision, so that I can act on my decision, and ensure the power is turned on in the near future.

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Good Motor Trade Insurance Protects My Business

I opened up a small shop to change oil, replace windshield wipers and lubricate automobiles. We also vacuum and clean windscreens. It was not difficult to find a property to build on. It was not even difficult to get a loan to build a standard block building accommodated to the business I was starting. However, I initially had a time picking the perfect motor trade insurance. You really do want to make sure you have everything covered, but you do not want the premiums to cut too much into your profits. This is a thin margin business to begin with.

I have to pay back my loans for property and building, I have to pay employees and advertising fees and I have to make a living wage to support myself and my family. Paying to much for motor trade insurance would not be wise. And just like most insurances for professionals, it can be pricey if you are not a savvy shopper. You want excellent coverage at a fair price. I say excellent coverage because you just cannot anticipate the crazy things that can go wrong even with a simple oil change.

I have had employees make mistakes. Every repair shop has. If you run one or work in one, you know exactly what I am talking about. I had one employee put an oil pan plug back loosely and it fell out. The oil then ran out of the engine causing it to be ruined. It came back on us due to a mistake and rightfully so. I had to cover the costs of repairs to the vehicle as well as rebuilding the relationship with the customer. If it was not for having good motor trade insurance, I would have been out thousands of pounds. There have been other things that have been covered that my insurance has saved me from having to pay out of my own pocket.

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Are We Truly Not Safe

As a new home owner, I found myself oddly paranoid about keeping my house safe. I had no idea that this feeling existed within me and I wondered what could be the cause of it. It's not as if I have ever actually been robbed, I'm lucky in that, but I did have my car broken into once or twice which wasn't exactly a big deal or anything. And yet I still find myself, even now, looking over the various home security packages for my new home wondering if it's something that I should invest in. I certainly want to be able to keep my home safe and secure from any possible threats but at the same time I'm not entirely sure if I enjoy the idea of being surrounded by a security system in my own home. I know that it's not exactly intrusive on a physical level but on an emotional and mental one, I will know that it is there.

I have a feeling that simply having a system installed in my home is only going to make me feel more secure because it represents the idea that I wasn't secure in the first place. Are we secure? I hope so! I hope that by moving into this neighborhood I will never have to worry about something like that! Even when I see those neighborhood watch program signs, with the threatening all-seeing eye, I can't help but feel less safe just because it makes the assumption that we were not safe to begin with! I wonder if I'm the only one who sees this, who feels like this, and if not, why do we allow it? Can we not just make the assumptions that we are safe first before giving into the demands of some sort of security device?

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It Was Easy to Get Coverage

When I decided to look into motor trade in the uk, I was really thankful that there was a section of their website that answered all of my questions. I was planning on opening my own car lot and garage, but I knew that I needed to get insurance first before I did this. I was just going to have too many cars under my responsibility, and I needed to make sure that they were sufficiently covered. I also knew that I was going to have at least 10 employees, and any one of them could be driving cars from one location to another.

Because of this, I was not sure if they were all automatically covered under my insurance policy or if I needed to add each one individually to it. I found out that they needed to be added separately, and that it was going to cost more money for each person that I added to the policy. Even that was explained, since I suppose some people feel that it should just be one price. I can understand why it wasn't though. For every extra person that is able to drive my vehicles, the odds of being involved in an accident increases.

I was able to get all of my workers on the policy, and it was still not an extremely high amount. I am just thankful that I have the coverage that I need, especially since we do take each vehicle for multiple test drives. I wasn't sure if I had to sell a certain number of vehicles to maintain the coverage, because I was placing the majority of the emphasis on the garage rather than car sales. I was happy to see that it didn't matter if I sold 10 cars or 100. Everything was easy to set up, and now it's time to open the doors to the public.

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Staying Fit is So Easy with These Tips

It is time to get fit with alex simring, an Australian doctor who has been practicing for more than 20 years. When it is getting fit and staying healthy that you want to do, Dr. Simring can help you do it. Whether it is losing weight, toning muscles or gaining, Dr. Simring has the tips that will provide you with success. One of the things that Dr. Simring recommends to get fit is to take a look at what you are eating. The foods that you eat have a great impact on your body and your weight, Try to cook meals as often as you can and always include a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in the menu each day. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day is also something hat should be done, as well as a task that will keep you fit and feeling great. Water keeps the skin healthy while flushing the toxins that we consume each day out. Drinking water will make you feel good, look better and keep you healthy! Ensure that exercise is also something that you partake in every day. The more active that you are, the better body you will have and the better you will feel. Exercise can keep the heart healthy while also helping you get the body that you have always wanted. Staying fit isn't always easy but it is certainly always Worthy iy. Dr. Simring has many more great tips that will keep you fit, healthy and feeling great at his website. D o not miss out on this exciting tips and make your way to the website without delay. The sooner you do the sooner you can start getting on the road to the best of health of your life. It is all so much worth it! Continue reading →

Cheap Prices for Great Home Security

A few months ago, I purchased a new house, and it seems like it would be a good idea to protect my investment, and my family, of course, with a home security system of some sort. I have not had one before, but I realize that this new house is located in an area with a higher crime rate than were I previously lived. As such, I have been browsing this site,, that I found earlier when I was looking information about various home security systems, and their providers.

I want to get a security system that will afford me a lot of flexibility when it comes to monitoring my home, and making sure that it is safe. The area that i have moved to is not that bad, by any means, but the city that we now live in has a significantly higher crime rate than were we used to live, and I believe that, that is a cause for concern. I have always wanted to make sure that my family remains safe, but at my last house, it just did not seem necessary to have a security system. Maybe I was wrong in thinking that, as it is always possible for something terrible to happen, such as a home invasion.

I know that I could never live with myself if something bad were to happen to my family, along those lines, and I had not done all that I could to prevent it from happening. I want to make sure that I get a security system from a very reputable provider of security systems. However, at the same time, the price of the security system is also a big concern, because I spent most of my savings on the down payment for the new house my family is living in.

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Direct Television for a Vacation Home

About a year ago, I purchased a second house to serve as a vacation house. It is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and the reason that I purchased a house there, was to take advantage of the skiing opportunities that are present in that part of the country. Skiing as always been one of my passions, ever since I first learned how to ski, when I was just four years old. Anyway, I would like to get a Direct TV package for the vacation house, so that my family will be able to watch television, when they are on vacation at the cabin.

I am going to rent the cabin out to some of my friends at various times of the year. That way, I will be able to make some money off of it, and cover some of the expenses that are associated with owning a second house. Since people are going to be staying in the house at various times in the year, it makes a good bit more sense to get a television service at the house. Previously, I was wary about getting television hooked up there, since it would have only been used a few times a year, at the most.

But, now that I know other people will be renting the house at times, it is something that I am seriously considering. I am pretty sure that satellite is my only option for the vacation house. That is because it is located in the mountains, and I do not think any other provider would be in the area. I guess I should look around, and make sure that is the case. But the house is literally on the side of a mountain. So I am pretty sure that I am correct on that matter.

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Training Employees and Better Quality Service

Moving to a new city is always difficult. Finding utility and services in a larger city can be especially difficult as I usually will do all sorts of price checking before deciding on who I want to choose as my provider. Imagine my surprise, however, when I came across the cable provider Suddenlink rather than the typical Comcast or Time Warner. I was totally prepared to call either of them since they seem to be the only choice or the 'best' choice in whichever city I find myself making roost for the time. Imagine my continued surprise after they turned out to be a pretty great company.

There's not many reasons to say that these days. There is a lot of hate against those larger companies who have amassed millions of customers, no doubt putting some serious stress on their employees as well. I actually worked very briefly for one of those larger companies and while the pay was reasonable, the volume of valls that I had to handle every single day was enough to make me dread coming into work especially when so many customers were calling in angry. That's the worst! I'm glad I never had to call a rep with this new company.

It's difficult finding high quality customer care. It's almost an art form that needs to be taught in classes that will last longer than just a few weeks which is probably the typical training time of your average rep. That would cost them quite a bit of money though and I doubt many cable providers are willing to spend that sort of cash on an employee who may end up quitting thanks to the psychological stress that they are asked to deal with every single day. It would be hard on anyone no matter their skill.

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Just Paid a Dollar Eighty for Gas

I am sure that this is not the best news if you are one of the big oil and energy providers in Texas or North Dakota, but it is a big deal to me. I drive a big pick up truck, a Ford F 350 with an auxilliary gas tank in the bed. At three and a half dollars a gallon it was not a big deal for me to run up a bill of a hundred and twenty dollars to fill that truck up. Of course the tank in the bed is used for other stuff, I pump gas out of it and put it in to machines that we are using on the job site. It is not being used by the truck, but the money comes out of my pocket. Of course it is company money in the final analysis, but there is a fine distinction between me and the company. In the final analysis there is not a huge difference between one and the other.

Of course I can not act like this is going to last forever and I am trying to figure out how to gain the most advantage from it. If I can save the money and use it for other stuff that I really need, then that is for the best. If I save the money and then I waste it on some other thing, then there is nothing really gained. You have to figure out how to best make this work to you advantage you take from the good luck. I figure that paying down debt is not really going to help me a lot, because the interest rates I am paying on my debts are quite reasonable. It is easier to think about what ways I could improve business by investing.

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Why I Switched to Direct TV

I am a couch potato. If given the choice between watching a movie at home or going out with friends to the local club, I almost always choose watching a movie. I also have a slew of television shows that I watch on a regular basis. There is no way I could ever watch all of them live, and that is why I have Direct TV. I did have a cable subscription up until a year ago, but it was rough for someone who likes to watch TV as much as I do.

I was only able to record two things at once on my cable receiver box, and sometimes there would be three or four of my favorite shows on at the same time. I was always able to go online and watch what I missed, or even go to the on demand channel, but I actually preferred to watch my shows using my DVR. I liked that I was able to fast forward through commercials and all the other benefits that come with having a DVR, but I couldn't enjoy all of my programming because of the limitations of the receiver.

When I heard that Direct TV allows six programs to be recorded at the same time, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I knew I needed to have that receiver, but I was not sure that I could afford it. I always thought satellite TV was a lot more expensive than cable, but my research showed how wrong I was there too. I would be able to actually get more channels for a lower price, and have the capability of recording six shows at once. For a TV fanatic like me, there really is no other choice than to have a TV programming provider like that!

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A Few Thoughts on Intellectual Property

I have started to look into different topics related to the theft of intellectual property. It is a tricky question, but of course if you are studying the law it is something you have to be broadly familiar with. I am not studying to be a lawyer, but we are talking about this sort of thing in finance class. That is what I am learning about. Of course if you are in the content business you have to think about places on the internet like the Pirate Bay and I suppose even more problematic is the fact that there are a lot of private torrent trackers which are even more difficult to contain. In fact the people who run that site have been in legal combat with the authority figures of the world for at least a decade. I do not know how long it has taken exactly or how much money it has cost, but it has been a real ordeal for all of the people involved.

If you look it up in Wikipedia they say that this site was created in 2003 and it first mentions them being raided by the police in 2006. Since then they have been moving around all over the cyber globe. They were talking about buying a disused oil platform off shore and declaring it to be some sort of outlaw country. Of course the problem with that idea is that you have to be able to control your territory in order to legal possess it. Of course Time Warner or Walt Disney probably has a more powerful military force than these cyber activists. Of course there are tons of people like that Julian Assange who pretty much endorse the idea that there are not any restrictions on the free flow of information, but that seems anarchic to me.

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Modern Options for Home Security

It was only a couple of weeks ago when my family first moved into our new home. The area is pretty nice, and all, and I doubt that the crime rate is very high. I could look that up, and I probably will later. But regardless, I would feel better with a home security system in my house, and I have been browsing to get an idea of the security options that I have open to me at this time. It has been awhile since I have purchased a home security system, and so I am sure that the technologies have changed a good bit.

I probably worry too much, more than I should, at least, but I do not like it when I am away from the house and my children or my wife are home without me being there. It just makes me worry that something could happen to them, and I wouldn't be there to protect them. It is my worst fear, and I know that having a security system will make me feel better. Also, give the fact that the world seems to be becoming a more violent place, it might not be a bad idea to get one regardless.

I want to get a security system that includes a lot of features, so that i will be able to check on my home, and make sure that it is safe, regardless of where I happen to be. I think that is the ideal way that a security system should function. But it is something that is relatively new, for security systems, and I doubt that such options have been available for people shopping for security systems for more than a decade, and maybe not even that long. I know that it is available now though.

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Wine Tasting: White Wine Review

  1. Wine Tasting: White Wine Review Event on 2013-12-30 18:00:00

    Discover a new favorite white wine just in time for New Year's Eve. Join us for a relaxing evening as we sample a flight of classics and rising stars from America and abroad. Chef H.J. will touch on tasting techniques and provide a special pairings menu to enhance the experience. Ideal for both beginning and experienced wine aficionados.

    The Menu

    • Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata
    • Shrimp Tostadas
    • Braised Pork Belly

    Instructor: Chef H.J. Schumer

    at Taste Culinary Classroom at Price Cutter Plus 2021 W. Republic Road Springfield, United States
  2. Friends Church & Changed Pepole Today,Presents T.H.U.G.G. Journey. Event on 2013-12-30 18:00:00 T.H.U.G.G,True Homies Under GODs Grace. this event is about a man journey . comming to long beach Ca .and being a leader to men ,woman ,boys and girls. his passion is working with all youth that battal with drug .Gang bang and achol .he well be given out his CDs. and Book to the Gust that attend .so come on out and be blessed. at Long Beach Friends Church 850 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach, United States
  3. SOUTH KONA GREEN MARKET - Sundays Event on 2014-01-05 09:00:00 We are open Sundays 9am-2pm. This is The Premier Green Market right where the most delicious Kona coffee, mac nuts & Tropical fruits & vegies are grown. Artisans sell their handcrafts made here on The Big Island. FREE LIVE MUSIC every Sunday. More info: or Tim 328 8797

    at Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden 82-6160 Mamalahoa Hwy Captain Cook, United States

Allow The Master Within

If you are start to sense that life is heading in the mistaken course, you could possibly feel a little weighed down. You do not realize there are individuals that would be more than happy to help give the hand and wrist to help raise an individual upward greater than you imagined. This is an item that Roberts Liardon Ministries is ready to carry out for you personally.You need someone that is going to instruct you on this gospel. Someone that is likely to direct you in the ideal direction so that you can get back on that religious route that will improve your lifetime for your greater. Roberts Liardon is known as a Christian house of worship church history and also humanitarian. You can check out his particular site to learn more about just how he is helped to improve a life of others.In lots of areas of the whole world, individuals Browse Through More

I Had a Lot of Condo Choices

When I was transferred to the city, I knew that I was going to have to find a new place to live. I had some time to do it, but I didn't want to have to endure the long trip to work and back home for very long. I started immediately at my new job as soon as I found out the news, and it was one of my new coworkers who told me about I had mentioned to him that I wanted to find a nice condo that was close to work.

He told me that if I went to that site, I would find all of the new developments that have either been recently built or were in the process of being constructed. I knew that I wanted to live in a new condo because of the pay raise I received with my transfer. I would easily be able to afford something much nicer than where I was. I looked at the different condos available, and I was overwhelmed at first. I had no idea that there were going to be so many different choices available to me.

I took my time and looked at each one. I wrote the pros and cons down for each one, and I finally realized that there were just not many cons at all with any of them. I ended up choosing one that is only a few miles from where I work. Even if I end up in another job, it is close enough to the business hub of the city that I would still be close to any other job I would get. It has so many things that my old apartment didn't have too, so I actually feel like I am a bit spoiled now. It's a feeling I do like!

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They Don’t Deserve the Bad Rep

Most branches of direct tv are the same, but there are a few out there that stand out among the rest and show that even though they are a company that is pretty much hated by the population they are still able to get work done and even become a more popular company in their surrounding area because of how good they are. The houston direct tv branch is a perfect example of this, even though their company as a whole is looked down upon they themselves are pinnacles of hope in this world. They offer some of the best customer service I have ever seen and they do everything that they can to keep their service up at all times so that you are never without cable or internet. They really try and they show us that we are people to them and not just a paycheck. I absolutely love the fact that they try as hard as they do and encourage you to give them a shot.

Obviously you can not do this if you do not live in the houston area but even if you live somewhere else try giving yours a shot and see if they are doing better than the others. Just because some of the other ones are bad and have made the entire company look bad does not mean that they as a whole are a bad company, in fact it might even mean that it is just a single bad branch out there spreading around this negative reputation. I know that my experiences with direct tv have been overwhelmingly positive and I hope that everyone else gets the same experience that I have. They deserve it and it will maybe help fix direct tvs reputation out there from bad to good, because in my experience they don't deserve that bad reputation.

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What’s in a Satellite Company Name

Why W3A satellite? W3A is one of Eutelsat's most sophisticated ...Hughesnet was a satellite company that was founded in Maryland by 8 engineers working for comsat. This was at a time when Private satellite company's were just starting out back in the early 1970's. It would be two decades before the consumer started to realize the end results and many companies had come and gone by then. Most people know the name Hughesnet through Direct TV because this was the part of the company that offered satellite internet for them. This company as seen a lot of miles since 1971 and a lot of owners. Even so it is still doing what it does best, offering one and two way satellite internet access.

Most people obviously don't use satellite internet because they have access to cable, WIFI and traditional internet access. For those that don't have access because they live in extremely rural areas then satellite access is a must. It was a smart play of Direct Tv to acquire Hughesnet when it did because it could offer their rural customers a service they could never get before and bolster their bottom line. Unfortunately with technological advances what they are today it's becoming harder and harder to justify the costs of satellite internet when their are cheaper options available.

So, what does this mean for a company the like of Hughesnet that still maintains on average 1900 employees? Well, this is a company that started in 1971, way before the advent of cable television, satellite television and before the internet was even thought to be a possibility. They built a company that has weathered every possible storm while still innovation and helping to change the satellite market while keeping a consistent workforce in place for all those decades. Today we have the internet and satellite streaming but what will we have tomorrow. This we don't know but companies like Hughesnet are working on it.

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Moving at the End of the Month

I could not say that it was really my idea, but it is going to work out rather well if things go the way that I have it planned. I shall be Moving at the end of the month because the landlord has sold the building and the new owner is not going to be allowing any of the tenants to stay. We could probably be a pain about it, because it is not that easy to kick people out for no real reason. I found a better place, and now I am looking for high speed internet providers as that is essential for me. I am basically a business that walks around in whatever pair of shoes I am in, not a big business as I am the entire thing and it all depends upon what I do myself. It has very small overhead though.

I need a place to lay my head, a small space to work, basically nothing more than a place to put my computers. I have to be connected to the internet as well and it needs to be as big a pipe as I can get, at least as big of a pipe as I can get at a price that makes sense. I could get a T1 connection, but that would be both awesome and way too expensive for me to afford. It would be total over kill. At any rate I found a place that is great for me, because I can walk out the house and go fishing within about a quarter of a mile away. The place is a rented house, which is very small and which costs a lot less for me to rent than the place I have been tossed out of. It is not too hard to figure out it's a good deal.